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N-Lightened Networks offers the highest quality Passive Optical Networking (PON) products on the market. N-Lightened Networks' Passive Optical Splitters have a 1RU rack-mountable design that allows for easy of use and scalability while leaving a small foot-print.
N-Lightened Networks also offers a complete line of unique Power Supply Units (PSU) that offer a rack mountable power option for your Optical Networking Terminals. This innovative approach to ONT power allows for greater flexibility in where ONTs can be placed. 
N-Lightened Networks strives to be a leader in the emerging PON market, and is always working on new ideas that will create a better experience for both the designer and end-user of PON.  N-Lightened Networks works closely with industry leaders to insure all its products meet and perform to IEEE standards.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding PON or any of our products. 


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Daniel P. Gotimer, RCDD

(410) 798-7994
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(410) 798-0368

Email: Dan@NlightenedNetworks.com

What is PON?

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