N-Lightened Networks Incorporated

The N-Lightened Networks NRMS series provides industry-leading optical splitters for Passive Optical Network (PON) applications in a simple 1-rack unit form factor. The NRMS splitter is available in an array of input and output configurations:

NRMS-1-8 - Single 1x8 1RU Splitter

NRMS-1-16 - Single 1x16 1RU Splitter

NRMS-1-32 - Single 1x32 1RU Splitter

NRMS-2-16 - Double 1x8 1RU Splitter (2 individual 1x8 splitters in an 1RU form factor)

NRMS-2-32 - Double 1x16 1RU Splitter (2 individual 1x16 splitters in an 1RU form factor)

NRMS-4-32 - Quad 1x8 1RU Splitter (4 individual 1x8 splitters in an 1RU form factor)



Each splitter utilizes SC-APC (angled polish connectors) for all inputs and outputs, providing a total maximum insertion loss of 16.8dB for a 1x32 splitter and allowing the full ITU-T PON standards to be realized for distance and overall span power loss.


All N-Lightened Networks PON splitters come  in a semi-recessed package, allowing for cable management and proper bend radius of the fibers without compromising the distance splitters protrude from  racks and  cabinets, and also enabling doors and covers to close easily. This configuration, coupled with the N-Lightened Networks 1RU NPDU Remote ONT Powering Unit, simplifies installation and is especially useful in a tactical kit?ed PON environment for deployment opportunities.