N-Lightened Networks Incorporated

What is PON?

Passive optical networking (PON) is a point-to-multipoint, end to end fiber networking solution in which unpowered optical splitters are used to send data from a single strand of fiber to an upper-end capacity of 32 different, optical network terminals (ONTs) at the service provider's central office and a number of optical network units (ONUs) near end users. A PON reduces the amount of fiber and central office equipment required compared with point-to-point architectures, and is a form of fiber-optic access network. This reduction in copper cable in switching equipment leads to large savings in both power and cooling costs.  

Benefits of PON

  • Converge data, voice, and video services into a single solution
  • Significantly reduce capital and operating expenses
  • Increase the security of LAN communications
  • Meet green environmental goals and increase LEED accreditation levels
  • Experience long-term savings by future-proofing your network infrastructure